World of F7

Key Users

Sports Director

  • Control and Monitor your operations
  • Easily access player reports and information
  • Check reports of each department
  • Keep knowledge inside your organisation
  • Protect investments the club


  • Evaluation of players from the administrative side
  • Add members and players to his team only
  • Setting and creating reports of matches and training
  • Controlling the team’s calendar (with the technical staff)
  • Create training attendance

Technical Staff

  • Analysing and evaluating players technically and tactically
  • Evaluate the players functionally
  • See the general report of the players
  • Accurately making technical decisions through the training life
  • See performance statistics per team and per player
  • Add a report from another data provider like Instat


  • A special assessment of the general health status
  • Manage injury reports per player
  • Manage treatments, doctor appointments, medicines, …
  • Follow-up of the player in the stages of treatment
  • Adjust treatment times and return to training
  • Notifying the rest of the team’s equipment of the player’s injury


  • Organised and accurate physical reports for each player
  • Physical evaluation of the players to reach the ideal condition


  • Mentally read the player on and off the field
  • Mental player development

Social worker

  • Continuously monitoring and evaluating the player’s behaviour
  • Develop the social aspect on and off the field
  • Privacy in reports for each player

Professional Manager

  • Player Contract Management
  • Reports on players reaching professional age
  • See the general report of the players


  • Develop a special diet program for each player
  • Ease of choosing items
  • Possibility to choose the exact quantity and size


  • Check week schedule on mobile
  • Chat function with trainers
  • Medical and Nutritionist can be shared individually
  • Watch the general report of the him self


Message & Chat

Message & Chat

  • The coach can communicate with the players individually
  • Administrators communicate with individual players
  • Communication of doctor & nutrition with players is individual
  • Players communicate with each other
  • The coach can send a video of an individual player


  • Create all team events, match, training, gym and lectures…etc.
  • A daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule can be made
  • All team members can see the schedule
  • Notice to everyone about the events of the schedule